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“This is certainly very much in keeping of the new model where we are using innovation, using the initiative of employment services providers to come up with innovative ways to get people into work.”
The Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP,
Assistant Minister for Employment
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Program Overview


Our industry experts meet with businesses to design programs to suit specific needs. Programs are tailored to match any industry, job or operational environment. The program is co-produced with the individual business to ensure solutions work within the goals and timeframes of your business.

“It's allowed us to invest in a new way to bring people into our organisation and it's allowed us to really value our front of house staff and be able to do some planning, so when someone leaves we have a pipeline to fall back upon of fully integrated talent.”
Paul Brant, Recruitment Manager


Finding the right people for the job can often be a challenge, particularly in rural and regional Australia. Through Hit the Ground Running, programs can be specifically designed to increase recruitment within communities identified as having a particular status, such as geographical, cultural or ability. Such programs connect employers with job seekers specifically trained to reduce Job Lag. CoAct is connected to over 52,000 job seekers across Australia.

“Hit the Ground Running is about supplying quality solutions. It helped us complete our diversification plans and find staff that could meet the needs of the communities we serve because of the conversation and partnership we have had with CoAct.”
CEO Australian Hearing


Hit the Ground Running programs are not only designed to suit the needs of individual businesses', they also actively source government funding to help subsidise each program. For example there may be incentives for training in certain job areas or for the provision of jobs for certain groups such as Indigenous Australians, mature aged people or those with disabilities.

Be funded to adopt a business solution that saves you money, by accessing funding for tailored training, significantly reduces your direct recruitment costs and provides immediately productive employees.


The training programs are created specifically to meet the needs of each business. Hit the Ground Running works to match the right training to a job's requirements to ensure that employees are effective from day one. This targeted training incorporates elements of your business's practice and culture. Tailored training can range from core modules to a complete certificate II or III.

Hit the Ground Running programs can access over 250 courses, as well as a network including 18 Registered Training Organisations (or RTO's). All our member organisations have the experience to ensure new employees are ready to Hit the Ground Running.


Hit the Ground Running provides an employer with the opportunity to trial potential candidates through work experience. Work experience provides an organisation with the opportunity to see how candidates really perform, as opposed to a one dimensional job interview.

The result?

Businesses' hire candidates already trained in their organisation, to their satisfaction.
Businesses' only hire proven, productive people they know will work.


Hit the Ground Running programs design, progress, train, and support both the business and employees for successful outcomes. The program managers are experts in employee mentoring and support the placements from day one and even into early employment. This unique attention to mentoring and support is one of the reasons CoAct has the highest performance profile (5 stars) of all the largest employment service providers.

The CoAct network has supported over 68,000 job seekers and 4000 employers in the last year alone.

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The Benefits
Integrated Workforce

Come day one, you want people who are an integrated part of the team. This program turns the unemployed into a hidden resource.

Social Responsibility

By recruiting through CoAct you are making sure that every Australian has the chance to work and improve their lives.

Revitalise Communities

Employers play a crucial role in communities through the chances they give to people further from the job market.

Change Lives

We believe every Australian has a right to a brighter future. Through this program you are giving opportunities to those who need it most.